Our Herd

We began our herd in 2018, with the purchase of Loperrized AXP Copper Penny, one of her adult daughters, a young doeling of hers and one of her granddaughters. Each of these goats, with the exception of Penny have moved on and Penny is enjoying retirement at our farm.

We selected our first goats based on personality and milk history. We have upgraded our herd and continue to focus on personality, milk capacity and conformation.

If you are looking for milk goats for 4-H or FFA we have great options for you. If you are looking to add milk goats to your homestead/farm we can work with you to meet your needs. If you see an animal you think would be a good fit for you and your herd, or to begin to build a herd reach out. We host potential buyers, or even if you just want to spend time with a goat, you are welcome to visit the farm.

We have participated in performance programs such as DHIA milk testing and Linear Appraisal but recently took a few years off due to a knee injury. Results from these programs are available.

We raise our goats as naturally as possible. We avoid injectables, with the exception of a CDT vaccine which we administer annually. Our goats have access to free range minerals and kelp, high quality pasture, grass hay and alfalfa hay. Goats in milk receive grain rations when on the milk stand. All of our goats are friendly and easy to handle, except the bucks who are nice and love to be handled but smell like bucks!!!!



Junior Does

Boot Leg Molly
Kelli Gabhar


I Can’t Wait
Doc Danforth

2024 Kids – New Arrivals Born 4/15/2024

Tara VanDerGOAT

Retired Goats

ADGA Registered Nigerians goats available for sale at Almosta Farm in Cove, Oregon
ADGA Registered Nigerians goats available for sale at Almosta Farm in Cove, Oregon
Wee3Farms Stonewall Jackson